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Lulucastagnette x Auchan children’s charity

Lulucastagnette and the charity Enfance & Partage are associated for the launching of a charity event between the 15th of July and 5th of September 2018, in partnership with Auchan and their partner in luggage and stationery for the back to school products: ALPA.

Enfance & Partage’s engagement:

“Since 40 years, we act so that every child can be protected by his family and by the society in order to preserve its adult becoming. In 1989, the International Convention for the Rights of Children (ICRC) brings together a set of universal recognized principles and obligations. It is affirmed that a society cannot consider living in peace and justice if the rights of children are not respected. This agreement is the framework supporting all our actions.”

Site : https://enfance-et-partage.org/