Actus Hello Kitty Et Puma


To mark the SUEDE’s 50th anniversary, the two iconic brands Hello Kitty & PUMA have chosen to create a funky and chic capsule collection in adult and junior sizes.

With cheerful, cute graphics and bold colours, dominated by red and white, Hello Kitty & PUMA have brought the classic SUEDE trainer bang up to date. There are matching clothes, too (t-shirt, hoodie and pants), featuring the Hello Kitty logo, the “kawaii” kitten herself with her milk bottle, and the PUMA logo in lettering or animal form.

A set of accessories rounds off the capsule collection: a gym sack and eye-catching transparent back pack trimmed in red.

You can also see this capsule collaboration on the SANRIO website ( and on PUMA SUEDE 50 (https://