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Since 2015, Opal has offered training to opticians in France on the theme of children’s glasses.

The course is led by Madame Claire Allenet-Colin from VISTEA (recognised training organisation). To supplement her 20 years’ experience as an optician, Madame Allenet-Colin has undergone University Diploma training. This has led her to a better understanding of the physiological aspects and evolution of vision in the very young. Today, alongside her work in the shop and for VISTEA, she trains opticians to become advisors and professionals in visual health.

The topics covered will address all the issues concerning children’s eyesight:

  • Children’s vision, evolution and prevention
  • Ophthalmological and paediatric examinations
  • Problems and the most up-to-date correction methods
  • Characteristics and technical aspects of children’s glasses
  • Psychological issues for both the child and parents
  • Making the shop and facilities child friendly
  • Development and management of the children’s range
  • Communication with ophthalmologists and orthoptists
  • Communication via window displays and in the shop
  • Learning through participation, enlivened with games, quizzes, workshops…

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