The round shape is a solid value to be trendy!

As a child, a teenager or an adult, round frames will fit your style!

Why round?
Round is retro,
round is fun,
and round is chic!
Do not wait any longer and dress your face with round glasses!

LuluCastagnette enfant
Réf. LEAA121C06
3 bicolour cubs sign this pretty LuluCastagnette model.
The extra detail: end of branches which permit to use a chain.

Tartine et Chocolat
Réf. TCAA324C65
A concept inspired by the brand’s codes.
We love the cork detail at the beginning the branch that fits perfectly with current trends.

Elevenparis Boys & Girls
Réf. ELAA073C79
Brightly colored model that mixes materials :
Metal ring, acetate…

Réf. LAAA082C07
Acetate material with crystal/scale blue bi-coloration
Flexibal hinge incorporated

Réf. EPMM010C45
A concept with an assertive style for young girls who are up on the latest fashions.
The subtle metal associated with the colour acetate impart a unique style to these frames. This concept reveals the original and subversive style of the clothing brand.

LuluCastagnette femme
Réf. LFAA138C01
This concept is inspired by the theme Teddy Lulu that plays on materials, volumes, textures and colours. The lamination on the branches with a refined structure at the ear level add to perfect comfort and adjustability. Beautiful textured and bright plates.

Elevenparis solaire
Réf. EPAS038C01
Distinctive frames, modern assertive shapes and flat lenses for an ultra-trendy look.